How to build a keto diet that bulks up your muscles

You may not be able to build muscle mass with a low-carb, high-protein diet, but you can use it to improve your fitness and boost your mental focus, says fitness expert and coach, gehridieter.

Here’s how.


Keep eating carbs, not fats.

“If you have a ketogenic diet, you will probably be a bit slower at the start because your body will not be burning as much carbohydrates, but when you get to a certain point, your body starts burning the carbs and fats you have been eating,” she said.


Keep track of calories and carb counts.

It’s important to track calories and carbohydrate counts, so you can keep tabs on how much energy you’re getting, and to see what your body is actually burning, said Gehridie.


Eat a wide variety of foods to get the most bang for your calorie buck.

A high-carb diet might not make you feel fat, but it will make you look fitter, she said, so be sure to eat a variety of things.


Keep in mind the macronutrient ratios.

The goal of a ketone diet is to get as many carbohydrates as possible without getting too many calories from fat, said gehredieter, so keep it simple.


Eat enough protein.

When it comes to protein, a high-fat, low-protein ketogenic is the way to go, said hong.


Eat more veggies and fruit.

Dr. John Bouchard, author of The Ketogenic Diet , says there’s a ton of research supporting the benefits of eating fruits and vegetables.


Keep a daily diary of how you feel.

Gehridia recommends keeping a daily journal of your health and fitness to keep track of your progress, she added.


Eat less carbohydrates and protein.

“A keto-friendly diet is more like a diet that you follow, but one that does not contain the typical sugar-laden foods, which can make you more prone to obesity,” she added, adding that you should eat less carbohydrate and protein and still get the full benefit of the keto process.


Keep your insulin levels in check.

If you’re insulin resistant, eating a low carb diet may help you lower your blood sugar and insulin levels, said Dr. Bouchards book, which is available for free online at


Limit exercise.

Many people who are insulin resistant are unable to exercise, and while you should be able and should exercise in moderation, you should avoid excessive amounts of physical activity, said she said in an email.


Don’t worry about carbs.

You can’t eat carbs to make up for what you don’t have.

There are ways to get fat, Dr. Gehring said, like cutting down on fat, and she recommends that you don the ketogenic diets and avoid a high fat diet, as well.


Be careful about eating too much carbohydrate.

Ketones can be high, and they are high in calories, but Dr. Hogue recommends limiting carbs and proteins, and focusing on protein-rich foods like beans, tofu, tempeh, or lentils, which are high-fiber sources of protein, said a spokeswoman for the institute.


Keep hydrated.

Hydration is crucial in the ketotic diet, Drs.

Gehnier and Hogue said, as is maintaining good circulation in your body.


Take advantage of supplements.

Most of the studies showing the benefits and drawbacks of ketosis have shown the body has an appetite suppression response when it’s not eating carbs and protein, so take a supplement like B12 and iron with it, Dr Hogue added.15.

Plan ahead.

For a ketosis diet to work, you need to plan ahead, Dres, said the spokeswoman.


Find a partner.

People often do not like being alone when they’re trying to lose weight, Dr Gehredi said.

And she suggested looking into online dating apps and using the apps to find a partner to help you make a weight loss plan that works for you.


Plan to eat the ketosis plan every day.

So what’s the deal with ketosis?

What can you do to get in shape?

Gehnier suggests staying hydrated, avoiding caffeine, and limiting the amount of sugar you eat.

You can also keep your appetite down with some healthy fats, including avocado and walnuts.


Avoid the foods that are high calorie.

Carbohydrates are the most popular source of calories in the U.S., and many people overeat on those foods, said Hogue. So it

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