Vegan diet plan to cut out dairy and dairy products for the first time

Consumers are facing the prospect of making major changes to their diet after being urged to switch to a vegan diet for the next five years.

The Vegan Diet plan aims to help people who have not yet made a decision on what to eat to eat healthier, with the aim of cutting out dairy products by the end of this decade.

It was announced in March and will be introduced by the Government next year.

A spokeswoman for the Vegan Dietplan said: “The Vegan diet is a way to eat a healthier way of life that is vegan but also includes some dairy products.”

If people are still eating dairy products, they can follow the advice in the Vegan dietplan and start to reduce dairy products as soon as possible.

“Read more: What is veganism?

The Vegan Plan is part of the Government’s Vegan and Vegetarian Plan, which is aimed at cutting out animal products.

Ms Molloy said: ‘It’s an exciting step towards a healthier vegan lifestyle for people who are not already vegans but want to start reducing their consumption of animal products.’

The Vegan plan is being backed by organisations including the World Health Organisation, the Vegan Society, the Institute of Food Technologists, the National Eating Disorders Association and the National Vegetarian and Vegan Society.”

The Vegan and Vegan Plan will help people understand how to live with and live with the changes that they’re about to make in their diet,” she said.

The vegan diet plans will be launched in November.

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