Are You on a Whole Food Diet?

By Erin Knebel-Witt,HealthDay ReporterHealthDay Staff”When you think of whole food, you might think of fruits and vegetables.

But we’re living in a world where fruits and veggies are disappearing.

In the United States alone, the share of the food that is whole grain is declining from 40 percent in 1940 to just 13 percent today.

The average American eats a whopping 27 pounds of fruits or vegetables per year, compared to just 4.6 pounds in the 1970s, according to the USDA.

We’re eating more refined carbohydrates than ever before, and some people are eating more fruits and less vegetables, which means the health benefits of a whole food diet are decreasing with time.

In fact, researchers say we may be losing health benefits from our daily consumption of grains and other carbohydrates by as much as 80 percent.”

And they are really bad for us. “

We’re not getting the health advantages that whole foods bring.

And they are really bad for us.

The risk for obesity is increasing.”

Fadnawsis is the author of a recent book, “Dietary Approaches to Weight Management,” that recommends eating fewer calories than we do today.

He says the new advice to be a whole-food diet is not about how much we eat, but about how we consume it.

“Our health and our wellbeing are our own responsibility, and it’s not our choice whether or not to eat a certain amount of foods,” Fadnas said.

“It’s a choice to consume the right amount of food, to be healthy and get the most bang for your buck.”

A study published last year found that a typical American diet contains as many as six servings of processed foods a day, compared with about two servings for a vegetarian diet.

Fadsins work with people who want to cut back on their own intake of foods.

The book, which he co-authored with Dr. Jennifer Fadns, a professor of nutrition at the Mayo Clinic, explains how a whole foods diet can be more healthful and effective than a lot of conventional diets.

“It’s not that we’re all trying to be super healthy all the time,” Fads said.

But they’re actually getting a lot more bang for their buck.

“In a healthy diet, foods have the right balance of nutrients to be full of all the vitamins and nutrients that we need to be nourished.

Fadosons book includes recipes for healthy meals, and he recommends adding more fruits to your diet, and limiting refined carbs.”

There’s an increased risk for a lot with too much refined carbohydrates and not enough fruit, because there’s too much sugar in processed foods,” he said.”

You need to choose a healthy food, but you don’t need to get all your food in one day,” he added.

To find out if you’re on a healthy whole food or refined carbohydrate diet, Fads is here to help.

The Food and Drug Administration requires that a doctor evaluate a person’s diet and determine if they are eligible for a gluten-free diet, a grain-free, dairy-free or soy-free plan.

For gluten-sensitive individuals, Fadnos advice is to consume less refined carbs and more whole foods.”

For a lot people, if you can manage it, they might want to do that,” he advised.”

And if they can manage their intake, then they should do that.

“For more on health, check out:

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