What you need to know about the military diet

Military diets may not be the best choice for everyone, but the military’s strict standards have helped to shape how Americans eat.

Here’s a look at what military nutrition experts say.

Read moreMilitary diets may be the most restrictive diet in the world, but military experts say that strictness is the only way to achieve the most optimal nutrition for military personnel.

And, for the most part, the military has been working to ensure that its members are eating what’s best for them.

The military has a number of different methods to keep troops healthy, including a diet that includes a variety of low-purine foods and a high-protein diet, which is a blend of meat and poultry.

The high-meat diet is often used for troops who are active or are at risk of injury from combat or a natural disaster.

A diet with a higher protein content is often the military standard.

That means the military is also looking for ways to reduce protein intake, and the military uses a variety on the diet to maintain a healthy weight.

A military diet is also designed to keep soldiers fit and active.

But there are a few rules that govern what types of foods can be consumed in order to achieve a healthy and active lifestyle.

The main one is that foods must be low in calories and must have a moderate glycemic load.

This means the food should be easy to digest, and it must have no added sugar or calories.

A low glycemic index (GI) is a measure of how easily a food can cause a blood sugar spike.

A GI of 0.5 means the foods are easy to absorb, and a GI of 1 means the carbs are difficult to digest.

A high glycemic score means a food will cause blood sugar spikes.

Foods that have a high GI score can cause more spikes than low-GI foods.

For example, a GI score of 0 means a high glycemia is normal.

A high-GI score of 1 is associated with spikes of more than 10 percent.

A GI score less than 1 means a GI is less than 5.

A value of 2 or 3 indicates high glycaemia is normal and normal glycemic responses are normal.

GI scores of 4 and above indicate the condition is highly glycemic and can cause spikes of 10 to 20 percent.

The military has set strict dietary guidelines that are tailored to military requirements.

They include eating a varied diet that is high in protein, and they don’t eat any processed foods.

But, the Army says the military doesn’t require military personnel to eat the same foods all the time.

“Military diet requirements and dietary standards are consistent across the military and are not based on a one-size-fits-all formula,” said Col. David O’Sullivan, the spokesman for the Army’s combat nutrition center.

The Army also doesn’t include sugar in its military diet.

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