Dr. Nicholas Zadorni, who says he lost weight by consuming a beard-eating diet, has become a controversial figure on Reddit.

A man whose diet has been called “bizarre” and “insane” by many on Reddit has become one of the most talked-about dietitians in the world.

Dr Nicholas Zada, an adjunct professor of psychiatry at New York University, says that while he initially considered himself to be a healthy weight, he has since found that eating a beard makes him feel more “insatiable.”

The Daily Beast reports that Zadoreni has gained an estimated 8 pounds (4.7 kilograms) over the past year.

He says that he has “no intention of ever eating anything that isn’t in a beard,” and has been “trying to shed pounds, but there’s no going back to normal.”

Zadornin says that the beard has been a major contributor to his weight gain, and has given him “a lot of confidence.”

He has also been using a beard as a “health accessory” to help manage his stress levels.

Zadorenis diet involves eating a high-protein, low-carbohydrate, plant-based diet consisting of mostly raw vegetables, legumes, fruits, and nuts, along with some fruits and legumes.

He uses a “scrambled egg” for breakfast, a banana for lunch, and an egg white for dinner.

Zada says he has noticed a reduction in his appetite in the past month.

“I’ve been feeling more full than I ever have before,” he said.

Zads diet has received a lot of attention on Reddit, where it has become an obsession for many.

Zadorens followers have called him a “fraud,” and even “lazy.”

The blog’s founder, kris, says he’s found that Zads diet helps his appetite because it helps him maintain a steady state of weight.

The subreddit r/thefadblog, a discussion forum for dieters, has over 500 posts on the topic.

Zadorin is one of many Redditors who claim to be losing weight through the beard-feeding method, which he says is one way to lose weight without eating a diet.

Zadi, who has also gained a substantial amount of weight in the years since he began eating the diet, believes that the diet is more effective than a traditional diet.

“The only way you can lose weight is if you’re willing to do it without any willpower, without any discipline, without a goal,” Zadovina said.

“The only time I think I could have achieved it would be if I was just willing to have it.”

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